Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Christmas Flyer

Did this flyer for fun. Hope it will be useful for the upcoming Christmas. :P


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Initial D

I got someone into trouble yesterday... Here it goes...

My car and I were travelling on TPE (Tampines Expressway) on the right most lane yesterday. Since there was not much cars on the stretch of road, we sped at 110 km/h... Then... I saw them... The Man in WHITE. Nope... not anyone from PAP, rather the traffic police ahead of me, on the road shoulder some 400 m away. I glanced at the rear mirror. Some bugger was tailgating me. I am now left with 3 choices.

1. Slow down by stepping on the brakes and risk being kissed in the butt by the car tailgating me.
2. Continue travelling at 110 km/h and risk being booked by the Traffic Police.
3. Filter to centre lane and slow down.

At the split second, option number 3, the safest option did not come to my mind. Thus, I chose 1 and hope that the car tailgating me will slow down also.

Brakes were stepped. I was honked by the driver behind (that should have attracted the attention of the traffic police). The car that tailgated me sped past me from the left and overtook me at the speed of 110 km/h.

The lights from the Traffic Police went off. The car that overtook me was ordered to pull over at the road shoulder. To the driver who overtook me, here is an insincere appology. Sorry, I thought you noticed the traffic police. Sorry, I did not warn you of Traffic Police. Sorry for not filtering to the centre lane as I was too slow minded and did not think of that as a viable option.

Rats, I should have waved to the driver as I drove past him at the road shoulder where he was stopped.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


7 hours of KTV

Sang 7 hrs of continuous KTV with my buddy. haha... We will be chionging 11 hours next time :P


Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I'm still here!

due to varied reasons, i was not able to be connected online and was too busy to be online also. so.. i will post whatever i want to post now. no particular topic.

saw this in nie. creepy... how big is this spidey? look at your mouse. roughly that size (with the legs).

eh... i cannot find the key ley...

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Biology rawkz :D

No insult to other sciences, but my opinion is it is so much easier to make biology relevant to the lives of students compared to other science (once again, no insults to other sciences). While Physics explains physical phenonmena, Chemistry explains chemical observations, to me, the most intriguing is the part in which Biology explains (or sometimes, din even bother to explain) certain observations pertaining so some interesting animals. Here are some of them.

1. pandas eat bamboos, yet, they are carnivores.
2. human beings are the only "animal" observed with the ability to laugh.
3. it is impossible to tickle yourself.
4. the human brain has far more capacity than any super computers built so far.
5. it is possible to survive with half the brain.
6. dolphins dun sleep.
7. though the vital organs are irreplacable, we are created with some "spare parts". e.g. we need only one kidney to survive, but given 2. one eye is enough to see, but 2 eyes give a stereovision. when what was known as vestigial organs (there aren't any now) are removed, our body responds by doing the work the vestigial organs used to do.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006



My friend drew this. Many thanx to him. (: I lurve pandas :D

Sunday, October 08, 2006



Juz came back from watching movie, Project B with my fren. 2 things they did are medically wrong. juz to poinyt out, for the farn of it :P

1. wrong procedure: they draw blood from an infant using sygringe and needles. the needle punctured the the calf of the infant.
correct procedure: blood is normally draw form an infant by a lancet and capillary tube. the side to be chosen is usually at the heel.

2. wrong procedure: Jacky Chan tried to use a defribillator on the infant. the electric source is from the engine of the car. the makeshift defrib pads are the fingers of both hands of Jacky Chan, with the fingers of the right hand of Jacky placed on the Left chest wall of the infant and the fingers of the left hand placed on the bright chest wall of the infant.
correct procedure: there is no such thing as a correct procedure to defrib an infant as the procedure is not normally performed on an infant. But given the scenario, Jacky did not establish that the infant is not breathing and the heart of the infant is not beating before performing the defrib procedure. using the car engine as the electrical source is dangerous as the highest energy that can be delivered is noramally 360 J to any human being (i think much less ot an infant). next, the positioning of the makeshift defrib pads is incorrect. one should be placed at the left side of the patient’s chest just below and to the side of the left nipple and the placement of the anterior pad on the front of the patient slightly to the right of the patient’s sternum.

as mentioned, i am only writting for fun. :P no intentions to say that it is a lousy movie. in fact, i think it is a great movie! :D highly recommended! :D

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